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Each day, being in the digital world is a greater priority, therefore you must appear on Google (carrying out On page and Off page optimization actions for our website and blog: SEO), having a consistent presence on social networks for our brand and sector, undertaking a good communication and social marketing strategy, undertaking online advertising campaigns (SEM), optimizing sales processes on the internet, etc., that is, you need to take many factors into account.

So that you can successfully enter this new world, it is necessary to have a coherent global digital strategy to avoid missteps.

Many elements may form part of a digital strategy:

Creation of
Website Pages
Creation of
Online Stores
Customized website development for
Online Business
of Mobile Websites
Develepment of
Wobile Applications
Website usability
of a blog
(personal or corporate)
Activation of channels of
social networks
digital marketing actions
Online Advertising
Web design
Graphic design

The best way to know what to do, when to do it, and above all why to do it, is to have a team to advise you on it, where you make the decisions, but with all necessary information to do so.
For these reasons and more:

At Intelligenia we assist you with the creation of your online strategy and in decision making so that you do not make any missteps.
Strategies that lead to success
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To give you a sample, we provide more information on each one of the elements that may form part of an online strategy when you are going to start an Online Business project, so that you can start to make your first decisions.

High impact website

Depending on their use, they are also known as microsites, landings or landing pages. They are websites that intend to inform users about a product, service, company or organization. They are not very extensive websites, but are visual, attractive, and invite users to learn more about what they contain.

A high impact website is strongly advised for your physical business if you are not yet going to sell online, but want your potential clients to know more about your services. It is also recommended if you are going to launch a new product or service, or are simply going to launch an advertising campaign for your business and want to have a website where you give more information so that people who see your advertisement can learn more about you.

On this type of website, design and usability come first. Given that they are usually informative websites and not very dense in content, we must impress the user, and make browsing easy and intuitive, in order to generate the best possible sensation.

There are many types of high impact websites: With a single page, several pages, with more extensive content, with a blog, with galleries of images, full image, etc.

High impact website
We analyze your idea and sector to give you the best options for differentiation and make your website

We put ourselves in the shoes of
your target market and your clients to
develop your strategy


We develop ideas. We devise developments.

If you believe that for your online strategy you need a high impact website... We are your team to make it a reality! Request a quote from us

Online Business

We are experts in Online Business, because it is our field of specialization, and we often see that there is a general perception that setting up an online business is easy and fast; however, in reality this is not the case. Depending on the type of business, it may require one focus or another, and in this field, having a partner who is an expert in Online Business will make the difference, and prevent you from moving in the wrong direction.

There are many ways of doing business online, so we will explain each one so that you can better select which is suited to your idea.

There is a tendency to think that doing business online is about creating an online store to sell products, which leads to the question, "I want to do business online, what product can I sell on the internet?", which is the wrong focus. The internet serves to sell more than products; there are many different models of Online Business, and it even be that a hybrid online/offline model suits your company.

Some of these models are the following:

It is key for our Online Businesses to generate CONFIDENCE

Regardless of the model that we select for our online business, it is necessary to study several factors such as the way of making it profitable and the monetization strategy, the necessary investment, and various factors that help the user to feel comfortable on our site.

If you want to do business online but do not have a clear idea how your idea will fit into the internet... We are here for you!! Speak to us and tell us your idea, so that we can provide you with all of our knowledge and you can start to make good decisions Contact us

Online sale of products (Online store)

This is the business method that is easiest to understand and most widespread. This approximation is based on bringing the counter of the traditional store to the internet, that is, allowing sale of your products online. Being an easy to understand model does not mean that it is a model that operates easily, as there may be a lot of competition, and the online marketing strategy is of fundamental importance.

If you wish to establish an online store, here you have
all the information

Online stores

Sale of presential services

If you sell presential services, we
implement your idea

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You can sell online services that must be enjoyed presentially, such as a physiotherapy session, a dentist appointment, a spa, a ticket for the theatre, a ticket for a music festival, and much more.

There are sectors where this model is used habitually, and it is a successful model, but continues to be underused in most professions of many sectors, being a business model with many possibilities.

online store

Sale of non-presential services

There are other services, which despite requiring assistance, may be provided in a non-presential format when it is not necessary to give an immediate response. An easy to understand example would be online consulting, where we pay online to make the VAT declaration and attach all our issued and received invoices. This process requires a physical consultant to make the VAT declaration based on the attached invoices, but does not require this work to be done in front of the client.

This model may be very useful for supplementing the schedule for these professionals, as it may be carried out alongside their work when they have time during the day. Furthermore, we will see that it does not only serve to fill gaps in schedules, but may also allow a significant increase in profitability.

If you sell non-presential
we assist you in developing
your Online Business

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Sale of advertising space

If your business model is based on the sale of advertising space , we will make your idea a reality
Online stores

If you generate content or an online service of value to a sector, and it is difficult to charge for it, the answer to your problems may be to seek companies that are interested in advertising to that sector, so you can sell advertising space on your website.

This model may allow simple options such as placing a fixed advertising banner for a long period of time, or offering a price for each view or each click, and when there is no advertising to show, use providers of advertising banners such as Google AdSense.

Advertising spaces

Freemium Model

This is the favorite paradigm of the large Online Businesses. It is a model in which the costs of having 100 or 100,000 clients are the same. All investment and costs are semi-fixed and the idea is to make this investment profitable with thousands or millions of clients.

The price that each client pays is small, and part of the service is even free, but as there is no direct cost for the user, it does not matter if it is free, provided that users that pay for an advanced service cover the total of the fixed costs. From that moment the capacity for generating profits is exponential.

This is a complex model, difficult to implement, but with many possibilities.

If you think that your business model is Freemium, we will answer all your queries
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Hybrid online/offline strategies

There are businesses where there is no sense in charging online, or carrying out the whole customer service process digitally, but which may apply some techniques of Online Business to para digitize part of the process or even innovate in its development to distinguish itself, increase profitability or even attract clients.

If your business model has nothing to do with the digital world, but you want to include technological innovation within your business to strengthen it and differentiate it, you can count on us.

Save on costs by automating daily tasks Hybrid approach
If your business idea coincides with any of these models, we will be pleased to advise you
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We help you to
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We help you to conquer the internet