logo Corporate website + consultation system

Abbogados provides a new way to practice law. A platform has been designed where different legal professionals can collaborate with each other on the same platform that users access to carry out their legal consultations, and are represented in all areas of the legal system, including for international issues.


This idea emerged for offering the user solutions for legal consultations in one place, without leaving the house, provided by specialists in the field. They offer different consultation packages, allowing the user to answer questions before the official visit to the office, to eliminate that existing barrier. Furthermore, they offer the services of a law firm, but online, providing the user with interaction and exchange of documentation.

Carry out legal consultations with just one click

It is the main functionality of the platform, for which a ticketing system was implemented, allowing users to make consultations, which will be assigned to different professionals based on the consultation area. This system allows a series of statuses, which notify both parties of the interactions carried out on the consultation, so that they are always informed.

Additionally, it integrates a payment gateway, with which the user can purchase the consultation package that interests them the most, and be registered directly on the consultation system.

Design and corporate image

A very clean, impersonal design has been selected so that the website is not related with a single law firm, but instead a collaborative platform where a holistic idea is conveyed. The calls to action of users are marked, and navigation on the page is facilitated, with pages linked to others using icons to identify the different services, etc., all while maintaining an understated aesthetic in the design.


We have used wordpress for the development of this platform, as it allows its functionality to be expanded, such as online sales and the ticketing system, customizing them; however, the basis was already available, allowing development in time and form, fulfilling all expectations.