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CAR, the acronym for Centro de Alto Rendimiento (High Performance Center), located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, this sports center offers facilities for sportspeople who wish to train at a high altitude.


It is a sports complex with top quality professional sports facilities. It is a place that federations from all over the world visit for their training for the season. The complex includes a residential building for the stays of its visitors, offering them a stay focused on training, taking care of food with its dining service, along with the advantages of high altitude training.

Design: facilities at first glance

The main attraction of the Sierra Nevada High Performance Center are its facilities, therefore when designing the website, a very visual approach was chosen, with a large number of images to show all facilities offered by this center on the home page.

Its privileged location at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and its large athletics track are unparalleled features therefore we selected this type of image to include in a slider along with other images of the high performance center facilities. In this way, when accessing the website the user is impressed by high resolution images, which along with the header, show the services offered by this center.

The rest of the main page is made up of different galleries showing all the installations of the CAR, as well as some of the national and international federations that have visited the center.

Functionality: Information on food and the weather

In the development of this website it was essential to offer all information possible on the high performance center and its location; therefore the home page includes a weather widget to inform users of the weather forecast in the area, to offer them the maximum information.

Furthermore, to offer fully up to date information, on the page about the dining service of the center, a module is set out to show the menus offered that week and the following week, so that potential visitors know what will be available, in case they wish to request any alteration for the days of their stay.

Always informed

The high performance center belongs to the Sports Council, and on its page two areas have been established for news: those generated by the Sierra Nevada high performance center and those published by the Sports Council, to offer the maximum information to visiting users.