logo Corporate website + landing page

Clínica Hidalgo is a renowned ophthalmology center with extensive experience in laser eye surgery. It has a presence in several Andalusian provinces, and its reputation precedes it.


They entrusted us with the redesign of the website, which was not too out of date, but which did not currently fulfil one of the minimum requirements for design, not being responsive. Today, this characteristic is essential for this kind of website, seeking not only to show the user who the company is and what it does, but also acting as a commercial tool for promoting services. Therefore, we provided a solution, with a redesign of the website, making it responsive and following current design trends.

Notable Services - What differentiates us?

Clínica Hidalgo is committed to placing value in the services provided, in which it is specialized, and therefore this was included in the design of the website, providing a special area for this. It is a corporate website with the objective of attracting new clients, and it was therefore essential to have a section on the home page to make an appointment, selecting the clinic that the user wishes to visit. Likewise, a section was included on the home page showing patient testimonies, providing potential patients of the clinic with confidence. A frequently asked questions section was included so that the user could find answers to questions that usually arise about this kind of surgery. The intention is to present the user with all information that they need on the treatments offered by the clinic.

Landing page

In the redesign of the website a “landing page” has been included for traffic coming from the adwords campaign. This page of the website was designed to promote the new laser acquired by Clínica Hidalgo, and provides the user information on the revolutionary new laser used in the clinic in a visual and impressive way. On this type of page it is very important to provide the user with the contact information of the clinic, and therefore it has been included on a form on the slider of the page.


For the redesign of the website, Wordpress was used, as it was perfectly suited to the project, allowing all sections required by the client to be included, creating a commercial corporate website.