logo App for the printing system on the Copicloud

The Copicloud App allows you to access and manage all your documents on the cloud. Furthermore, you can send them to print at your preferred printer, selecting your preferred printing characteristics. In a matter of seconds it will be printed. Additionally, with the new updates you can print photos, notes, books, etc.


This version of the Copicloud system app is obviously for mobile devices, developed by intelligenia for the company Copicloud. Like the system itself, it is continuously growing and changing. At first it was only available for iOS, allowing the printing of imported documents. Today it is available on both iOS and Android, allowing documents to be imported and printed, centers to be viewed in map mode, photos to be developed, documents to be viewed, books to be bought, notes to be printed and the shopping cart managed.

The App version of Copicloud is a natural development, as the largest target market of this system is university students who can send their notes to be printed from their seat in class, straight after taking them from their teacher.

Document Cloud

What makes copicloud simple is that it is based on the idea of cloud storage, a concept that has been widely adopted (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), but adding the new functionality of printing at the printshops of their university center.

The mobile version of cloud storage is synchronized with the web version, so that all documents uploaded from any browser are updated on the app and vice-versa immediately.

To prevent excessive data consumption, the Copicloud app locally downloads the most consulted files, so that the second time they are opened nothing needs to be downloaded. That is, it functions offline and allows use even while not connected.

Printing Photos

This module is not part of the original app, allowing a set of photos to be developed to the shopping cart. Not all centers allow this type of action, therefore only the bulk of notes and photos may be printed in a subset of centers, which allow all options.

The editing of photos is unique, as it is not as simple as the printing of documents. With photos it is necessary to adjust the cut, the rotation, the copies, the size, etc. Once added to the cart, it is treated as another task, and to edit it, one must return to the photograph panel.