logo Website for the sale of language courses in other countries

On this portal the company English House offers a large catalogue of language courses abroad for adults and children. It even offers quarterly options and academic courses in other countries, so that young people can considerably increase their linguistic abilities.


Cursosenelextranjero.net is a live platform for training abroad for learning different languages. Courses are offered for adults and young people, with different options for time, accommodation and places of study. In this type of course there are a multitude of variables that affect the price, such as time, type of accommodation, duration, type of course and extras. Therefore, the major challenge of the project was to create a virtual calculator, which with little data calculates the total price of the course in real time.

In this way, many options of courses can be generated in little time, and when we see the one we like the most, we can proceed to reserve it and pay for it.

Virtual Calculator

Given the large number of variables that affect a course abroad, the system currently considers over a million possible configurations, making the difficult easy. Now, thanks to the online system, a quote can be obtained in a matter of seconds, allowing quotes to be stored to be purchased later, and finally initiating the reservation process for the one which suits us the best, or printing the quote to contract it at the office in person.

Intranet System

Once the reservations are generated, the Intranet system manages the status of each reservation, allows communication with students, adding important documentation for the stay, and offering students all information on their reservation, flights, insurance, stay, dates, etc.


This platform uses Responsive technology for the FrontEnd, and a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) structure for the server. Furthermore, it uses a powerful cache system for quotes to allow a fast response to online requests for quotes, managing millions of possible configurations in a matter of seconds.