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Iniciativas Musicales is an innovative music school where you can learn to play an instrument such as the piano, the guitar, the violin, the flute, the cello, the clarinet, etc., but also have fun participating in the choir or the string and guitar orchestras. There is no age limit, from children to adults, offering over 50 different groups so that you can organize your time.


Iniciativas Musicales is a very special music school, where children and adults will not only learn music, but also have a great time. Its slogan is “If you are having fun, you are learning” and they make this the main focus of their teaching, because they are convinced that to learn, all channels of learning must be stimulated: emotional, sensory and neural. A motivated student is a happy student, and at that point they say learning is complete. They achieve all of this thanks to a different educational method: the Willlems method and an excellent team who love their job.

A website that conveys sensations

One of the main objectives of the website was to present the excellent working atmosphere of the school. To achieve this, we used several videos that appeal to the emotions, and show several special moments experienced at the school so that the visitor can have an idea of how the school operates and its atmosphere. Furthermore, stock photographs were not used. All images that appear on the website are photographs that were taken at the school facilities.

Arranged information

Of course, another of the objectives of the website is to present all information on the school and its teaching. Offering over 50 different groups was not an easy task, as the information had to be classified in an intuitive and simple way.

Through a simplified menu, in just 3 points, all necessary information is offered on the way of working, the teaching and the contact information.


Given that a very neat design was sought, this website was created in HTML5/CSS, without using any content manager. It also has large amount of JavaScript for playing videos in HTML5 and the dynamic presentation of content. Of course, it is fully responsive, adapting to any device.