logo Redesign of the corporate website

Intro Ibérica is a consulting and public relations agency with over 25 years of experience in the sector and a multilingual team, which allows it to undertake actions with international businesses.


The client requested a redesign of their website, as the previous one was developed some years ago and did not comply with current standards. They wanted a website redesign and to leave behind the previous aesthetic, even renewing their logo.

Design: Corporate Restyling

In this project there was a full change of image; we had the challenge of updating the corporate image and website, and we are really very happy with the result. The logo now has an additional element, not just a typeface, allowing it to be included in stationary, documentation, presentations, etc.

With regard to the website, a fullwidth design was chosen, breaking away from the previous design.

On the home page an extract has been set out, showing what Intro Ibérica is, what it does and who it works with, to be used as a commercial tool for potential clients. In the slider there are also images that represent communication, connection, and visibility, presenting some of the essential values for Intro Ibérica.

Being a communication agency, it is essential to demonstrate its experience, showing clients with whom they have worked and events they have organized.

Success stories

Although at first the design of the website was conceived as one page, it was finally decided that there were certain sections that should be expanded on an internal page, to be able to show the user more and better structured information.

This is what happened with the success stories; on the home page an extract is shown, while the file of each one can also be accessed, as well as the internal page where more events they have organized or in which they have participated are included. In this way, each one has its own datasheet, where the objectives of the case, images of each one, activities carried out, etc., are shown schematically, each datasheet following the same style, to offer the user coherent information on the work of Intro Ibérica.


In the design of the website it is important to take into account that it will be in different langauges, firstly to create a quote, making it manageable for the client, as well as to organize the different sections and areas of the website so that all texts fit together well.