LexSubasta is a system in which bankruptcy auction processes are managed 100% online, that is, the sale of all the assets of a company that has closed down. This project has a large legal and bureaucratic component, as they are judicial processes, therefore requiring additional validation and security systems. This system allows the awarding process to be managed through the bids of users interested in purchasing an item.

The Bids

The system is developed with a real time bidding mechanism that allows the figure of the highest bidder to be known at all times, to decide whether or not we are interested in bidding on the item. Each auction has a deadline for bids, therefore if something interests you, make sure not to let time run out! On the web platform you can find all the items that are being auctioned, where a very full datasheet is shown, and if they are properties, you can even sign up for a public visit to it, to see the property in person.

The backend for bankruptcy administrators

This platform is not only for buyers; it is also a tool that facilitates the work of bankruptcy administrators, as in a single platform they have the system for publicizing assets, bids, and finally the generation of the official liquidation report, which makes the difficult easy. The whole liquidation process is carried out in direct collaboration with the LexSubasta team.

Verification and security

Given that a bankruptcy auction forms part of a legal process, the LexSubasta system credibly validates both the buyers and the bankruptcy administrators, guarantees the veracity of the whole process, and stores the whole process from an asset being put up for auction until finally being sold, to keep a record of the whole process, so that it may be legally valid.

Design and Usability

The legal process being a large component in an auction does not mean giving up on the design and usability of the system. In this way, LexSubasta is a responsive design that adapts to computers, tablets and mobile devices. It has administrator interfaces that facilitate bids and their growth, and a control panel for having full control of each liquidation process