logo SISCAPP: The app for Collective Communication

SISCAPP is a mobile app based system that allows those in charge of a large collective to send a mass communication to all recipients. This message may be in rich text format, have images, files and surveys. Once sent, those in charge of the collective have information in real time on reading statistics, and a list of people who have read and not read the communication.


Currently, there are many collectives in existence: Educational centers, associations, unions, etc., and all of these have the basic need of being in contact with their members and sending them important information.

Today, this internal communication task is carried out through email, mass SMS, and Whatsapp. Therefore, we detect the great need to create a tool conceived and designed to facilitate the communication of all collectives, and thus arose the idea of creating SISCAPP.



  • A collective may send a message to the mobile of all of its members, as if it were an SMS or Whatsapp
  • Messages are not sent to SPAM
  • There is feedback in real time on who has read the message
  • It allows a question to be sent with multiple responses, to learn the opinion of recipients

In this way, SISCAPP specifically covers this need of collectives through technological innovation.